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Importance of the SOC attestation reports

Importance of the SOC attestation reports


This is the Service Organization Control report which entails giving information about the security and internal controls of an organization, which customers and stakeholders deem necessary to verify the services being provided by the service organization. This report entails information that may be subjective and objective to the customers who rely on the organizations for services.

Types of SOC attestations

Various organizations require different types of SoC attestations which are three. One is known as SOC 1 which mainly involves the control of the organization’s financial reporting. This entails financial services that have an impact on the organization’s clients and stakeholders the second type of Soc Attestation is SOC 2 which entails the control of the organizations on aspects such as privacy, security, confidentiality, processing integrity, and availability. This type of SOC attestation is widely used by organizations that store information about their stakeholders, employees, and clients like in data centers. Lastly, the third type of SOC attestation is SOC 3 which is an improved version of the SOC 2 report but used for a wider audience for marketing an organization to show its commitment to data security and privacy.

What is an attestation?

Third-party auditors such as Certified Public Accountant Firms are majorly involved in the process of gauging an organization’s control and assessing the control’s effectiveness in providing services.

Importance of the SOC attestation reports.

These reports first provide the necessary information to clients of the organization providing services that they are committed to security and put up any necessary measures to curb cyber security. Secondly, organizations have a chance of risk management. The report entails the organization providing services and having risk controls to limit the chances of data breaches. This is because the SOC attestation or reports has helped the organization identify, define, and manage the automated risks likely to affect the service provided. In addition, the transparency shown in the SOC reports can be shared with stakeholders and clients giving an organization an upper hand when it comes to compliance and contract-based partnerships for its growth. Moreover, this will increase its chances of continuous improvement which may be an advantage and grow its brand. Furthermore, this gives it a competitive advantage and marketing strategy to accommodate partnerships and in a competitive market and attract secure and reliable services. Finally, the SOC reports help an organization know of its secure controls of the data being processed about clients and give assurance to clients and stakeholders that data security is highly regarded.


The SOC reports give an ideally, wide report on how organizations have control of their financial services, security, privacy, and availability services that make it vital for clients and stakeholders to know that data security is highly regarded. These reports also stabilize trust between the organization and clients, get a hold of compliance requirements, and reduce risks that may be associated with data breaches and cyber security. They give a resting call to clients and stakeholders other than the organization in question.

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