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CMMC 2.0 Level 1-5 Certification Singapore


GQS Singapore launches CMMC 2.0 consultancy support for certification by Singapore Certified Management Consultant SCMC

There are 5 levels of Cybersecurity hygiene which can to be implemented based on the requirements of the standards and which in turn will have to be certified by C3PAO Certified Third party Accreditation Organisation.

Located in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and wish to apply for Level 1 CMMC 2.0, Level 2 CMMC 2.0, Level 3 CMMC 2.0, Level 4 CMMC 2.0, Level 5 CMMC 2.0 Consultancy Certification by approved SCMC consultants, drop an email to [email protected]

CMMC standard – Substantial part of your streams

Going for CMMC compliance? Then you need a right partner and a trusted third-party organization to help you with the CMMC compliance journey.

Before you take any action, you need to know about the CMMC standard;

The CMMC compliance standard has now become a pivotal requirement for all the businesses who are working for the US government. The reason behind is this will help the organization to be in compliant with the cyber security requirements to handle the data. This will also help you to process various cyber security standards and implementations.

Understanding the current level: If any high value of information is handled, then the CMMC standard will suggest you the ‘current’ level of maturity that is implied to the organization. This will be compared to the current scenario of the organizations’ cyber security initiative and the place where it stands in the industry.

What’s new?

A new version of the framework has been released by the federal government and this will come into effect by May 2023 and it will be active in contracts by July 2023.

What’s exciting in this framework?

The actual CMMC that is the cyber security maturity model certification were mandated to be implemented, monitored and certified in accordance to all the security parameters for the information that is stored on the systems. The threats that are coming up against the Defence Industrial Base (DIB) cyber security are also enhanced with this framework.

Advantages and comparison to make you understand between the CMMC 1.0 and CMMC 2.0:

In the CMMC first version, there are around 5 levels ranging from basic to advanced wherein 1 being the highest number. There are few practices and processes aligned with the CMMC versions, and for every level the number of practice and processes varies to the third-party assessments and not applicable in some cases.

In the current version of CMMC 2.0 , there are only three levels as in foundational, advanced, and expert. Here also the number of processes changes and for the advanced and expert levels they are aligned with NIST. The assessments include annual assessments and the triannual third-party assessments (C3PAOs) that are conducted for critical national security information.

Features of CMMC 2.0 model:

  • Streamlined model – With the widely accepted standards you can focus on the most critical requirements.
  • Reliable assessments – The accountability will be increased with the decreased assessment costs.
  • Flexible implementation – Added with flexibility, speed, and POA&Ms

Let’s now have a deep insight into the changes that are introduced particularly for the newer version of CMMC:

In the maturity model, the compliance levels are reduced from levels 5 to 3. There are improved alignments with the national institute of standards and technology (NIST). There are some specific levels and amongst which the organizations need to comply their standards accordingly. The CMMC standards and the assessment requirement frequency changes every year and for 3 years as well.

You need this:

  • Supporting operations of DoD
  • Defence contractors, manufacturers and small businesses in DIB
  • Contractors engaging with DoD
  • Foreign suppliers and commercial contractors
  • Vendors handling CUI and FCI

You need to be prepared to be agile in order to foster the culture of cyber flexibility and resiliency in your organization. In this marketplace, your company will survive and compete in a better way amongst the cyber security threats.

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