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Why does organization need ISO 27001 Certification and importance of OCTAVE ALLEGRO Risk assessment ?

Why does organization need ISO 27001 Certification ?

Why does organization need ISO 27001 Certification ?

GQSSINGAPORE is the First to Launch ISO 27001:2022 in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand , Penang, Batam , Hongkong, Manila, Batangas, Laguna, any location in Philippines, Maldives, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia

ISO 27001 (officially recognized as ISO/IEC 27001:2005) is a specification for a data safety management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of regulations and methods that consists of all legal, bodily, and technical controls concerned in a corporation’s records danger control processes. ISO/IEC 27001 is extensively known, offering necessities for a records safety control system (ISMS), though there are greater than a dozen requirements with inside the ISO/IEC 27000 family. Using them enables corporations of any type to control the safety of property which include economic records, highbrow property, worker info, or records entrusted via way of means of 1/3 parties.


ISO 27001 certification demonstrates which you have recognized the risks, assessed the consequences, and installed vicinity systemized controls to restrict any harm to the organization. Benefits include Increased reliability and protection of structures and information. Improved client and commercial enterprise companion confidence. ISO 27001 is the best standard that units out the specs for a records protection control system (ISMS). Organizations an increasing number of having to expose they may be depended on for records protection and privateness control and having ISO 27001 demonstrates that a business enterprise has diagnosed risks and installed vicinity preventative measures to shield the business enterprise from data protection breaches.

ISO 27001 2022 Security Controls –

Annex A had 114 controls in 14 families in the previous version (available in ISO 27001:2013). The 2022 version has less controls in terms of functionality because unnecessary and redundant controls have been combined and/or eliminated. The new controls are as follows:

1 Threat intelligence
2 Information security for the use of cloud services
3 ICT readiness for business continuity
4 Physical security monitoring
5 Configuration management
6 Information deletion
7 Data masking
8 Data leakage prevention
9 Monitoring activities
10 Web filtering
11 Secure coding
12 ISO 27001 2022 Control Themes

The new version includes 93 controls divided into four themes, in place of the 14 clauses of the current edition.

1 People (8 controls)
2 Organizational (37 controls)
3 Technological (34 controls)
4 Physical (14 controls)


GQS has implemented a unique system of conducting OCTAVE (Operationally Critical, Threat, Asset, Vulnerability Evaluation) ALLEGRO considering the inputs from ISO 27005

This methodology helps in the following

  1. Identification of the Critical assets
  2. Evaluation of the Redundancies for these critical assets.
  3. Qualitative Evaluation of the Risk assessment. The scoring system has been found to be the oldest and conventional method used for evaluation and has been replaced by our unique system of Qualitative evaluation  which is a new-generation method to identify the Threat, Vulnerability and overall risks.
  4. The overall risks can then be filtered to check Contact with Special groups, Technical compliance in line with PDPA Personal Data protection Act, Encryption and Key management, Audit trails of Third party apps, Incident investigation based on ISO TR 18044, ISO 27035.


The first and maximum essential gain of implementing ISO27001 is advanced hazard control and statistics safety. ISO standardizes the manner statistics safety is controlled inside a company. Based upon a strong hazard control framework, ISO implements a top-down technique, which calls for that everybody from the board room to the submit room has suitable statistics safety knowledge.

ISO additionally insists on a fixed of widespread statistics safety guidelines that set out the agency’s technique to the implementation of controls. These guidelines and controls offer unification and standardization of the behaviors and approaches that the enterprise desires to sell in affiliation with making sure right statistics safety. For example, ISO insists on a strong get right of entry to control strategy, there have to be covered in the vicinity which information how company procedures get right of entry to control, this has to be made to be had to all employees, and it ought to additionally be covered inside any schooling provided.

Implementing a facts safety control gadget will offer your enterprise a gadget with a view to assisting to take away or minimize the threat of a safety breach that would have criminal or commercial enterprise continuity implications. A powerful ISO 27001 facts safety control gadget (ISMS) affords a control framework of policies and tactics with a view to holding your facts secure, regardless of the format. Following a sequence of excessive-profile cases, it has established to be very detrimental to an enterprise if facts receive into the incorrect palms or into the general public domain. By organizing and keeping a documented gadget of controls and control, dangers may be diagnosed and reduced.


An ISO registrar will behavior the specified records protection audits and trouble your ISO 27001 certification. Selecting the proper registrar can lessen your expenses and/or boom the chance of certification success. PPS works with you to pick the satisfactory registrars, fills out the specified questionnaires, and assists with inside the registrar choice process.

Most registrars will carry out a short evaluation of the documented ISMS to decide whether or not it meets the necessities of the standard, previous to scheduling the formal certification audit. This is achieved to make certain that neither your or their time/cash is wasted on a proper audit if the ISMS isn’t always ready. Pivot Point’s proven ISO/IEC 27001 consulting manner generates the vital artifacts to make certain your readiness for the certification audit.

During Stage 1 :- of the certification audit (additionally normally called the desk pinnacle audit) an intensive evaluation of the ISMS documentation is conducted. This manner commonly extends over 2 – three days with the final results being a file on preliminary “failures” (called both essential or minor non-conformities). If the ISMS documentation fails to fulfill the desired standard, the Registrar would require corrective movement (or corrective movement plans) earlier than intending to Stage 2. PPS regularly gives on-web website online Stage 1 Certification Audit Support. That is, we’re on the desk, as a member of your team, running with you and on your behalf. The gain of this method is that having an ISMS professional there to give an explanation for subtleties of your ISMS reduces the probability that an auditor will problem a non-conformity. If the registrar is thinking about issuing a non-conformity, it’s miles regularly viable to replace the ISMS documentation all through the Stage 1 audit to save you a non-conformity.

During Stage 2 :- of the certification audit (generally called the compliance audit) the registrar will observe proof that the ISMS is working effectively, consistently, and in compliance with the organization’s documented ISMS (which has already been verified to meets the necessities of ISO 27001 in the course of Stage 1).PPS frequently gives onsite Stage 2 Certification Support. We are gifts on the specific sites/places that the auditor samples, as a member of your team, operating with you and on your behalf. Having an ISMS professional reachable to give an explanation for the proof (or “appropriate” lack thereof) reduces the probability that an auditor will trouble a non-conformity.

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