Water Management System

SS 577 Water Management System, ISO 24526

ISO 24526, SS 577

ISO 24526, SS 577ISO 24526, SS 577

SS 577 is soon going to be ISO 24526 International standards for Water management system. The requirements as per Annex SL would most probably be published in the following sequence

4.0 Context of the Organisation

Identification of External, Internal issues, Interested parties requirements

5.0 Leadership

Water management policy, Responsibilities and authorities

6.0 Planning, Risk assessment

Conducting Risk assessment

7.0 Resources

Competency, Training, Awareness, Communication, Documentation

8.0 Operations

Water footprint, Water management in operations

9.0 Measurement, analysis

Measurement of water consumption, water footprint, Calibration of meters for water measurement

10.0 Non-conformances, Corrective actions, Continual improvement

Documenting Non conformances, corrective actions and planning for continual improvements within the organisation.

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