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Highlights about the ISO’s international standard for occupational health and safety


Highlights about the ISO’s international standard for occupational health and safety

The committee of ISOPC 283 has created the standard for occupational health and safety as in ISO 45001. When compared to the OHSAS 18001, the organization determines internal and external issues that are relevant to the purpose of the OHS management system. ISO 45001 is the world’s first health and safety management system, wherein this will effectively protect and enhance the important asset of any business.

Need for ISO 45001 certification

According to a research, it is found that more than 7000 people die due to work related accidents and diseases more often. Hence the ISO committee has decided to implement the international standard with a motive of saving millions of life in a year. With the ideas from occupational health and safety experts, the committee comes up with a plan and structure like ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Keeping in mind about the health and safety of people, various standards and conventions are discussed to bring this ISO 45001 into picture.

When you implement ISO 45001 to your organization, you will be in compliance with the health and safety standards. It is advisable that if you are already in compliance with the ISO 45001 standards or if you are familiar with the other management standards alike ISO 45001, you can directly adopt it to your business or organization.

Make sure you are aware of the,

  • Standard that you are implementing to your organization
  • And in what proportionate the implementation is looking like

You need to be very careful during the practical implementation of standard, including the audit and certification. For all levels and sizes of the organization, this standard can be easily tailored in a way that the risks are controlled much effectively.

It is better to go with a management system approach which will help you to perform a clear process based approach and it will also help you to come out of the risk management levels. It will provide you an evidence of good health and management for your organization, when implemented in a highly proportionate manner.

Insights on the auditing process

The auditors and certifiers must understand that the ISO 45001 standard will be tailored according to the organizations’ size and level of complexity. It must also be implemented in proportion to the risks that are expected out of this standard. It must also comply with the series of ISO 19011:2011 and to the relevant parts of ISO 17021:2011 series.

How does the ISO 45001 standard can play in for your organization?

The ISO 45001 standard will help you to recognize some of the valuable roles in your organization and those roles will solely relate to the health and safety management systems in your organization:

  • It will help you in delivering consumer and worker protection
  • Provides you a level of playing field for your business
  • Enables the trading with other countries

You can even avail help with ISO 45001 Certification outside of your organization, wherein that external advice must comply with the standard of your organization to avoid the day-to-day control of risk. Also, ensure that there is a proof that they are giving you with experience while implementing the standard across the various business sizes, types, levels and sectors.

Global Quality Services will be the right point of contact for you, if you are planning to get standards like ISO 45001 and this will build a perfect success for the goal that you are aiming for. You need to avail this ISO 45001 certification to improve the employee safety, to reduce the workplace risks, for better working conditions, and for other work-related risks.

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