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Jarring metal located in klang Malaysia kickstarts R2 version3

Jarring metal located in klang Malaysia kickstarts R2 version3

Jarring metal located in klang Malaysia kickstarts R2 version3

“Chiefly concerning about the destruction of IT industry”

The R2 standard focuses on preserving the impacts of electronics recycling environment. The scope of R2v3 makes the R2 facility to certify on the processes, their electronic equipment, and material managed streams. There is also an EH&S management system involved in the R2 version 3 certification.  There are some enhanced accountability, stricter audits, and a global relevance which will help to make it relevant for the business worldwide.

Using the R2v3 standard, you can reshape your business in a better way for handling the electronic waste. This standard is established by the SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) which provides the guideline for recycling the electronic waste. We need to also consider about the facility requirements which can be processed in a legally compliant manner. This R2 standard serves the most purpose for recyclers and it is not limited to resellers, refurbishesrs, recyclers, de-manufacturers, asset recoverers, brokers, and also the leasing companies who are engaging in the activities.

R2v3 certification brings a broader implication to the industry, and this certification will foster a culture of responsibility across the electronics industry. Since the electronics industry is growing nowadays, the importance of R2v3 certification raises here and this will drive innovation for efficiency and sustainability. An emphasis on responsible recycling R2v3 will help to make your products reused, refurbished, and recycled for better usage of resources.

Jarring metal is one of the leading waste reduction and recycling companies in Klang, Malaysia. Their business development and operation involves strong client relationship and they are environmentally responsible on the waste management solutions. They specialize in scrap removal and recycling for local industrial institutions. Their key operations include electronic waste management, precious metal, non-ferrous metal recovery, and other waste management related services. Jarring metal provides their operation for a complete range of services in the waste management sector.

Global Quality Services provide the full R2v3 process audit for the companies like Jarring metal to achieve the R2v3 certification. The auditing process will include R2v3 audit, technical reviews and the closure of any in conformances. Our team of expert professionals will do the best auditing service for the R2v3 certification and we performed the successful auditing for Jarring metal organization.

The need to achieve R2v3 certification for your organization and customers:

  • Using the R2v3 certification, you can reduce the environmental impacts and improve performance in your organization.
  • Improve the health of workers in your organization and check on their safety with these robust practices.
  • Help your customers to consistently meet the expectations on their data security
  • Maintain the recycle chain of your organization

Partnering with Global Quality Services

Global Quality Services (GQS) are completely customer focused and our auditors and technical experts are professionally qualified to provide you the service. We help you to challenge in this competitive market and you can maintain the regulatory requirements for your compliance. When you partner with Global Quality Services you can get the confidence of maintaining an effective environmental health and safety processes in place.

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